Terms & Condition

  1. This ticket is valid for 1 time usage from 06 am to 05:30 pm on the selected date by Yatri from booked Terminal or Boarding Point for To & Fro.
  2. Ticket can not be cancelled after 07 pm day before ticket validity date.
  3. Once you can book maximum for 10 person. If you are booking for more than 10 person then try to book multiple time.
  4. We will send you payment link on receiving your ticket booking request. Ticket will be considered confirm after you receive confirm e-ticket.
  5. From mentioned Ghats (Boarding point) boat will travel till Triveni Sangam & return back to same ghat(You can also get down on the way at our other service ghats too or you can return later by visiting Mela area).
  6. Online tickets will be given preference while boarding boat. There will be separate line (Que) for online ticket at booking counter for collecting boarding pass.
  7. If you have booked ticket on same day of boat ride then you may have to wait little at the time of boarding for boarding pass collection.
  8. You will be given security guidance by boat master or team. Please follow the guidance. Passenger not following security & safety guidance will be removed from the boat & no refund will be issued.
  9. Kumbh Mela is auspicious fare & festival of faith. Our team is always available to co-operate with all respectable Yatri. Any inconvenience is highly regereted.
  10. We request you to co-operate with our team in managing crowd and you may have to wait for your time of boarding boat based on service availability.
  11. Please do not book with un-authorise person & do not pay anything extra then mentioned price.
  12. If ticket booked by any other place or person then Prayagraj Mela Pradhikaran recognised agency counter then neither Pradhikaran nor agency(Sankrit Tour Zone) is responsible for un-authorise tickets.
  13. If you do not get ticket/bill on paying at our counter then your ticket is free. Call us immediately in such cases.
  14. Total Cost of ticket include - Fare + Ticketing Service Charge + GST + Any bank gateway fees(Only if paying online using payment gateway).
  15. To know more write us at